We then became involved in the trade show industry as registration services consultants and as a contract services supplier to the event industry in Canada then expanded our service offerings throughout North America.

That experience has provided us with insights into a wide variety of businesses that few can match.

Over the years we watched the role of the internet evolve from a passive information resource into an interactive media platform and host to viable e-commerce business platforms with worldwide reach.

While the technology changed over the years, we found many internet hosting providers either failed to keep up or were slow to adapt to the needs of progressive web developers and their clients.

Many websites are limited both by the platform they run on and the ability for the user to easily make updates and add or change content. The result is often that the sites quickly become outdated and fall off the rankings in search engines as the site owner fails to update the content.

Without an experienced web designer or IT department in-house, the web presence of any business can be expensive to keep current and secure.

We decided to offer a solution that enabled us to support a wide range of web technologies and utilize the best platform for the job at hand.

The solution came just a few years ago, as online Content Management Systems or CMS became more evolved. Thanks to the evolution of Open Source technologies, clients now have the means to keep their content current and add features and custom applications when they need to.

Our clients now benefit from greater choice, adaptability, security and reliability.

Let's face it, the web is constantly evolving and we want our clients to rest assured they are able to keep pace with the technology as it progresses and know that they will never be left behind.