Our customers want to have control over their website content without having to learn complicated scripting and html coding.

They want to be able to make changes without having to contract services to a web designer every time they need to change some content. For writers, storefronts and event managers who need to make frequent content changes the best solution is a CMS (Content Management System) as the framework for the site.

Utilizing a CMS system as the core, enables content to be added as easy as writting text. The formatting and appearance is separate from the content. You fill in the necessary fields and submit the content and it's online. Best of all the new content appears in the same format as all the rest. You just need to specify the order in which new items appear.

While the process of using a CMS system is relatively simple, the setup and configuration is not so. That's where we come in. We build your core system and host it on our servers. You select a template from one of the many providers or use our standard template and we customize that for you with the appropriate content. You're free to add and make changes as needed. And if you need a helping hand along the way, we're available to assist.

Of course if you have an existing website and are simply looking for a new host with unbeatable performance and support. We're here for you as well. Check out our site for a detailed list of services we offer and give us a call