Website Administration and Network Infrastructure

From simple websites to complex intranets all with a focus on the client/customer interaction.


Our Story

Aardcom integrates websites and network infrastructure systems. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Our focus has been on the Event Management Business where we gained experience with a wide range of products and services from clients around the world. We have since expanded our core services with a focus on web based solutions.

Our Services

Aardcom Improves Business Performance and Scalability.

We provide digital solutions that streamline your interactions with clients and allows you to easily add products and services as your business grows.

Easy Managment
Easy Managment

We provide services that make your business easy to manage from home, office or multiple locations.

Grow your Business
Grow your Business

Our services are easy to expand as your business grows and provides unmatched scalability.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

We customize the user experience for each business through addon features unique to your products or services.

Premium Support
Premium Support

When you need support we're here to help with technical support and value added services.


Our Mission

Aardcom develops Digital Strategies, Product Showcases and Network Infrastructure Services.

We're more than a web design company. We take time to understand your business and help develop a digital presence that reflects your business and promotes your vision.

Our Projects

Developing First Class Solutions for Our Clients.


Established 1994

We love to make you look good.

Our Ideas

Aardcom provides web-based solutions around the world.

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Oct 25, 2023
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We then became involved in the trade show industry as registration services consultants and as a...

Oct 25, 2023
We utilize CMS to build your system

Our customers want to have control over their website content without having to learn complicated...

Oct 25, 2023
Web Hosting

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What we do

We create informational web sites, database and ecommerce systems, and offer affordable internet...


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Whether you are simply looking for a new website, introducing your products and services to a new market or utilizing your online presence to help streamline your business organization, we're here to help.



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We design solutions that exceed expectations and provide solutions that help you generate new business.

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