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Monday08 August 2022

What are Joomla extensions?

There are many types of extension available in the market for Joomla. Those are as follows :
1. Joomla Components
2. Modules
3. PluginsS
4. Templates
5. Languages
You can use every extension to your website. Each extension adds different function to your web page.

1.Joomla Components – These are small addon applications. If you want to add one of these applications then you can find the sub-items of the “Components” menu in your Joomla administrative panel. Components differentiated into two parts. First part is the back-end. You can setup and manage it’s content with the help of the admin back-end. The second part is front-end. You can show your information in your chosen component process with the help of front-end part.

2.Modules – These are light extensions used to place information on your website. For eg, you can make use of the “Popular” component module attached to attached to the com_content component. Through this component, you can display all the popular articles in your Joomla website. Even if they are not attached to any component, modules can be used to display all kinds of information like static HTML or even complex slide shows. To manage these go to your Joomla Extensions -> Module Manager.
3. Plugins – Plugins is well known as “Mambots”. If you want any extra functionality for your website then you can use plugins. They are a set of intricate extensions designed to deal with various events. Such as : You can insert movies to your articles with the help of plugins. To handle your plugins you can go to Joomla admin and choose Extensions and then select Plugin Manager

4. Templates – You can manage your whole website page’s design or website’s look through templates. If you want convert your default template then you can go to Joomla admin and choose “Extensions” and then select “Template Manager”.

5. Languages - With the help of languages, you can change whole Joomla interface of your administrative panel and the front-end of your website. If you want to handle that language which is already installed in Joomla application then you can go to Joomla admin and choose “Extensions” and then select “Language Manager”.

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