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Aardcom has extensive experience installing and supporting MySQL configurations of all varieties. Our MySQL DBA's have supported simple LAMP configurations up through advanced clustered solutions for high availability solutions. A database has become a critical component to generate today's dynamic web content. With the support of our Database Administrators you can be sure that your web application will be in good hands and always available.


Aardcom's MySQL Services Available

  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Configuration and Optimization
  • Database Monitoring and Proactive Incident Response
  • Database Replication and Clustering
  • Identification of Problem Queries and Query Optimization
  • Indexing Consultation and Optimization
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Content Management Systems https://www.aardcom.com/hosting/key-features/cms https://www.aardcom.com/hosting/key-features/cms

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) provide a dynamic solution for maintaining your website quickly and easily. The CMS Hosting tools provided by our interface use text and pointers to other forms of data contained in a database in order to dynamically create and present your requested content. This allows you to easily administer large complex websites with a single click and have those changes automatically reflected throughout the entire website without the need to edit hundreds of individual files.

CMS Features :

Customize Your Site

Templating allows you to control and change the look and feel of your site without affecting your site's content.

Control of your Content

Liquid Web CMS Hosting enables you to publish and change your content quickly and easily.

A Variety of Usages

CMS are used for a variety of applications; online publications, business websites, even portals.

Expandable Features

Use open source add-on modules to easily expand the functionality of your site.

Save Time & Money

With a CMS solution, reap the benefits of increased control, efficiency, and content value.

Page Caching

Page caching improves performance on busy sites, enabling your site to perform faster.

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Email and Webmail https://www.aardcom.com/services/solutions/email-services https://www.aardcom.com/services/solutions/email-services

Aardcom provides full featured email hosting available with all packages. Clients have full access to add and remove email addresses, reallocate sizes and add unlimited aliases, forwarders and auto responders.


Some additional features:

Mail Migration

Don't miss a single message. We will help migrate your existing email to your new server.

Shared IMAP Folders, Tasks, Address Books and Calendars

Stay connected to your organization with shared resources.

Personal Calendar

Schedule and manage your appointments with our built in calender. Also supports external client integration like Outlook and Apple iCal.

Synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook

Full support for your existing mail client including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

AJAX Web Mail Interface

Access your email from any web browser with our easy to use web mail interface.

List Server

Administration of mailing lists and distribution groups.

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cPanel https://www.aardcom.com/hosting/key-features/cpanel https://www.aardcom.com/hosting/key-features/cpanel
cPanel automates and simplifies the administration of your machine by supplying a client control panel for your domain.

cPanel also has a webhost manager interface for your usage to add accounts to your machine and perform many of the basic administrative tasks which would normally be very complex without the assistance of cPanel.

Reinvent Your Site

From the customer end services and features are added which extend beyond the standard Linux based system environment to include all features in our cPanel

From e-mail and ftp account management, to various site enhancing CGI programs, to a fully featured shopping cart, the features we offer to the end user of a server running cPanel are numerous and substantial.

All cPanel systems are fully reconfigurable to fit the look and feel your company desires. The skinning process of cPanel is simple html editing through the program of your choice.

Website Administration: Simplified

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