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If you want to make use of security components for your website or plan to use e-commerce addons, you will require a private IP. The private IP address is just like having your own phone number instead of using a partyline.

Better security, and stronger presence.

We will add and configure your IP for you and each IP is just $1.00 per month additional. It is not required as a prerequisite to getting your site online, and our account techs will advise you on whether it is needed.

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Content Delivery System

Do you have digital content you wish to stream over the internet. Training videos, promotional videos, corporate meetings, video webconferencing, conference sessions? We can help.

We can setup a server specifically engineered for delivering content to large numbers of people simultaneously, without crashing your server or causing performance issues. Our CDS service is designed to manage system resources and deliver the content reliably as needed. Best of all it can be added and removed as needed.

For additional info contact us today.

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Dedicated Server

When you need a dedicated server for your host platform or want to lock down security, we can provide you with your own private server.

Whether it is for a large website, remote content or cloud services or an extension of your in house server for accessing shared resources with your other offices, we have what you need. Best of all we handle the initial setup and ongoing monitoring. You can rest easy.

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Need additional email accounts? There's no need to switch hosting platforms or purchase additional space. We can provide 10 additional email accounts at for under $5.00 per month. Each account is 100MB.

Need more than 50? We can provide you with 50 additional email accounts for just under $20.00 per month.

We allow clients to reconfigure smaller account sizes in order to allow more accounts without incurring additional costs. Just let us know.



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