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Sunday25 September 2022

Our Platform

To host a CMS based website you need a solid and reliable platform on which to build it. There are so many options and choices to make that no one hosting business can effectively support them all. We know from experience what limits the successful implentation of a great CMS and we have it covered.

We utilize a VPS hosting platform that not only provides a rock solid base to build on, but is flexible enough to allow our clients to implement new services as they become available. Whether you need to maintain membership data, build a storefront, or provide print, video or image rich content to your readers, our system works.


We specialize in utilizing Joomla as our content management system of choice, but our platform also supports a full range of alternative systems. Wordpress, Drupal, Moodle and others are all viable alternatives, depending on your goals and objectives.

Coupled with our addons for the server management, we have a solution for a wide range of client needs, now and into the future.